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Field Trips

Often aligned with each grade level's PBL focus, students embark on field trips that supplement the learning that takes place inside the classroom. From near to far off places, students are able to enrich their educational growth by experiencing firsthand the places and people they learn so much about.  


The Makerspace

Sherman's Makerspace is certainly one of the busiest rooms in the school. Housed within its walls are six pages of alphabetical inventory, cataloged by type of item and location. One can find things from different types of paint, brushes and palettes to erosion kits, catapults and tools of every kind. Thanks to our PTSA funded Makerspace teacher, Mrs. Ross, students can let their creative juices flow in numerous hands-on projects throughout the year.


PBL Funding

The Sherman PTSA provides additional funding to our teaching staff to support our school's PBL (Project-Based Learning) focus. Our monetary support in conjunction with the PTSA funded Makerspace,  PBL is sure to be a success!



Through successful fundraising efforts, the PTSA has purchased and donated sets of iPads for all grade levels to use both in and out of the classroom. With an outdoor learning focus, Sherman students are able to take technology wherever they go!


Pollinator Garden

Here our 4th grade students learn the importance of creating and maintaining habitat for pollinators. Teachers have used funds that our PTSA has provided to purchase garden tools and other materials that allow the children to deeply understand the connection between bees, pollination and a healthy environment. 

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Glee Club

Sherman's Glee Club, known as Tiger Tunes, provides a fun performing arts opportunity where participating students get to practice their passion for singing. Tiger Tunes students perform in front of several audiences in a variety of settings. 

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Rain Garden

Our first grade caretakers learn how to tend a garden from start to finish. Students plant, weed, and water all year long. At recess, students take pride in their work and often times advocate for the health of the Rain Garden by reminding peers to "please walk only on the paths." In collaboration with Orcas Love Rain Gardens, students learn how important healthy gardens are for our environment and living creatures.

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The Sherman PTSA, in collaboration with our very own Mrs. Nye, is proud to support the performing arts in one theater production each year. Countless hours of practice and an immeasurable amount of heart go into this incredibly popular activity. The final production is so amazing, that it has historically resulted in a 'sold-out' status ... so when available, buy those tickets!


Culinary Cart

Sherman students can practice the art of cooking with our very own culinary cart! From smoothies to pizzas, students have been known to cook up quite an exciting meal - all while learning a skill not typically taught in the classroom. The goal of the culinary cart experience is that each participating student will expand their knowledge of healthy eating and meal preparation ... and have fun while doing it!

The Sherman PTSA's mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of students. As an organization, we focus on STEAM education, general enrichment, and community engagement. By working together, we can improve the lives of all Sherman students.

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