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The Makerspace

Culinary Cart


Here our 4th grade students learn the importance of creating and maintaining habitat for pollinators. Teachers have used funds that our PTSA has provided to purchase garden tools and other materials that allow the children to deeply understand the connection between bees, pollination and a healthy environment. 

Pollinator Garden

Sherman's Makerspace is by far the busiest room in the school. Housed within its walls are 6 pages of alphabetical inventory, cataloged by type of item and location. One can find things from different types of paint, brushes and palettes to erosion kits, catapults and tools of every kind.

Glee Club

The Sherman culinary cart was born out of the idea that school age children are not getting home cooked meals like they used to. With one or both parents often working out of the home, children are getting an increasing amount of take out, pre-prepared or fast food for their meals. When those kids become adults, they have no idea how to prepare food for themselves or make good choices, so that is where our culinary cart comes in.

Rain Garden


PBL Funding

The Sherman PTSA raises money so that Sherman students & families can have an enriched school experience.

Look at your PTSA dollars in use!

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